HolyCoast: Report: Chris Christie Will Endorse Romney Tonight

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Report: Chris Christie Will Endorse Romney Tonight

Herman Cain must be making the GOP establishment pretty nervous if they've got to trot Gov. Chris Christie out to endorse Romney tonight, but that's the report from Fox News. This is only going to make conservatives mad.

The GOP establishment should have learned from 2008 that conservatives will not get excited to turn out and work for RINOs.  Mitt Romney will not inspire conservatives and will likely lose to Obama next year.

ATTN:  Sarah Palin - if you're going to endorse someone who's not Mitt Romney, you better get on it before the GOP establishment sews this whole thing up.  You still have a shot at relevance.

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Larry said...

This reminds me of when Carl Rove tore Christine O'Donnell a new one on live TV after the establishment candidate, who he was backing, lost in the Republican primary. Rove's message to conservatives was "Do it my way, or I'll do everything I can to make sure you lose". Same with Lisa Murkowski, typical Ruling Class garbage.