HolyCoast: Rick Perry Has a Good Morning

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Rick Perry Has a Good Morning

After being too easily sidetracked by stupid things like birther questions, Rick Perry had a good interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News that, if this kind of performance continues, should help get his campaign back on track. From Beltway Confidential:
These days, no news is good news for Texas Gov. Rick Perry. In the first two months of his presidential campaign, Perry's media appearances have been associated with blunders, a big reason why he quickly tumbled from frontrunner status to the back of the pack in polls. But in an extended interview with Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace this morning in Austin, Perry was able to stay completely on message and was unrattled by critical questions about his campaign and policy proposals.

“I’ve laid out a plan, and I’ve got the record and courage to put that in place,” Perry told Wallace, getting at the heart of the case for his candidacy. The clear message was that his new tax and spending plan was superior to Herman Cain's 9-9-9 plan while his record as a conservative governor in Texas and willingness to stick to his principles makes him a better choice than Mitt Romney.

“I have been a consistent conservative," Perry said. "I have always been in favor of the Second Amendment, protecting the Second Amendment, I’ve always been pro-life. I’ve always been a fiscal conservative. And Mitt’s been on both sides of those issues. He’s been for a ban on guns in Massachusetts. He’s been for pro-abortion. He’s been for supporting gay rights and now, he’s on the other side of those issues.”

When Perry released his plan this week, one question was whether he'd be able to defend it in interviews and debates. At least this morning, he was able to deflect Wallace's challenges to it, at least in a way that would reassure conservative primary voters.
Perry still has one big advantage with primary voters: He's not Mitt Romney. If he can consistently show this kind of competence on the issues and solid explanations for his plans, he'll certainly win the "Not Mitt Romney" vote and will begin chipping away at the lead.

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