HolyCoast: Seeking Freedom But Settling For Bondage

Monday, October 24, 2011

Seeking Freedom But Settling For Bondage

This tweet from Todd Starnes is thought provoking:
Anyone notice that all the countries embracing "Arab Spring" are turning to Islamic law?
In most cases the people rose up and overthrew leaders perceived (and sometimes correctly) as tyrants in their search for freedom, and now they're turning into radical Islamic states where they're likely to have less freedom than they had before.  And in a case such as Egypt, the world will not be a safer place.  The likelihood of Egypt renouncing all treaties and attacking Israel suddenly becomes a real threat.

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Larry said...

There were dozens of Libyan women on the network news over the weekend, with tears of joy, that they will finally have freedom now that Qadaffi is dead. They're too stupid to admit that all they've done is change slave-masters.

Even over here, you can walk through the shopping mall at Tysons Corner and notice that all the middle-eastern 'men' are dressed like hip western dudes while their wives are in ninja costumes. The old excuse that 'they like it that way' was seen as ridiculous when plantation owners used it to justify their abuse of humanity witnessed by all.