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Friday, November 18, 2011

$12.95 Doesn't Get You Much

I hate it when hotels charge for internet access and then give you an unusable signal. Such is the case this morning at the Loews Coronado Resort. It worked okay the first two days, but looks like I may be out of luck today.

We'll be headed home after lunch so I probably wom't be posting much anyway.

One quick item-a video has gone viral of an #OccupySD moron calling for a moment of silence in solidarity for the guy who shot at the White House. I saw the idiot interviewed on the local news last night and it's pretty obvious why this guy has the time to hang out in downtown San Diego for two months. He sounded borderline retarded in the interview as he unconvincingly tried to walk back his statement. This is not a bright guy.

However, thanks to him the #Occupy movement is now connected to an assassination attempt. And nobody at #OccupySD has tried to throw him out, so that can be easily read as tacit support for his statement. Well done, fools.

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Sam L. said...

Well!!! Someone DOES want this president shot!

What really bugs the MSM/LSM is they can't tie this fool to the Tea Party.