HolyCoast: As Predicted, Republicans Getting Squishy on Taxes

Thursday, November 17, 2011

As Predicted, Republicans Getting Squishy on Taxes

Republicans on Wednesday signaled they would consider higher tax revenues to win a supercommittee deal if Democrats offer deeper cuts to entitlement spending.

Rep. Jeb Hensarling (Texas), a conservative Republican who is the co-chairman of the deficit supercommittee, walked back a statement he made Tuesday on television, when he said Republicans “have gone as far as we feel we can go” by offering to raise $250 billion in new tax revenues.
Let me remind any Republicans who go along with higher taxes what happened to President George H.W. Bush. You remember him? He pledged "Read my lips, no new taxes!" and then caved to Democrats in return for a never realized promise of spending cuts. The Democrats spent that entire 1992 campaign blasting Bush for raising taxes and the country threw him out.

The same thing will happen in 2012 if the GOP caves. Not only that, but GOP voters will do the throwing out this time.

Don't do it.

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