HolyCoast: Barney Frank Now Free to Be The Complete Jerk He Really Is

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Barney Frank Now Free to Be The Complete Jerk He Really Is

During his retirement announcement Rep. Barney Frank said he'd no longer have to be nice to people he didn't like.  He's off and running with his appearance this morning on The Today Show:
Barney Frank lashed out against the Today Show's Savannah Guthrie this morning for asking 'negative questions' during an interview about his recent retirement announcement.

Frank took issue with Guthrie for suggesting he was retiring becuase of redistricting in his district, and seethed at a seemingly innocent question about whether Democrats could win back the House of Representatives in the next election.

"I wish we could talk substance sometimes in the media." Frank blustered, "I know that's against the rules. I'd like to talk about public policy. I regret that we can't."

When asked about the partisan tone in Washington, Frank further berated the Today Show host.

"You manage to ask all sort of negative questions. I understand that's the media's current role. It didn't used to be that way. That's part of the reasons for the low approval. It's gotcha this and gotcha that, it's gotcha journalism and gotcha politics an it does lessen our chances to get things done."

When Guthrie asked Frank if he took responsibility for adding to the partisan tone in Washington, he shot back. "Well, congratulations, you're four for four in managing to find a negative approach."
A few more interviews like this and we can be assured that Frank will disappear into the trash heap of history. The media won't want to talk to him, and that may actually be his plan. After all, if any of the mainstream media ever decide to start asking him questions about his role in the collapse of the housing market and the subsequent worldwide financial collapse, things could get dicey for old Bawney. Being ignored by the press should be his ultimate goal.

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Larry said...

Barney Frank has always been a condescending pr_ck, but the media loved him all these decades because he was a liberal Democrat. Like the escorts of a fine maiden, the media considered it their duty to place their capes over the sidewalk mud-puddle of his personality to keep him from getting soiled.