HolyCoast: BREAKING: Supreme Court Will Hear 26 State Obamacare Case

Monday, November 14, 2011

BREAKING: Supreme Court Will Hear 26 State Obamacare Case

From Fox News Politics:
Supreme Court will hear case brought by 26 states challenging Obama health care law
This is the case that holds the best hope for a complete repeal of Obamacare. The lower courts ruled that the individual mandate was not only unconstitutional, but couldn't be severed from the rest of the bill, thus requiring the entire bill to be scrapped.

A ruling in July means we'll find out about the future of this whole mess right in the middle of the presidential race.

Word is the Supremes are allotting 4.5 hours for oral arguments, and that's a huge amount of time for a Supreme Court case.  This is going to be really interesting.

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Larry said...

The administration will accelerate implementation of the A.C.A. to make it as difficult as possible to undo. The more people they can make dependant upon government for their healthcare, the worse it will be perceived by the public if SCOTUS kills A.C.A.

Obama is like the drug dealer who initially gives it out free, then once everyone is hooked he has a dependant customer base.