HolyCoast: Cain Accuser Wants Her Piece of the Pie

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Cain Accuser Wants Her Piece of the Pie

What a circus:
One of the women who accused GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual harassment wants to tell her side of the story but is barred by a confidentiality agreement, her attorney in Washington said Tuesday.

Lawyer Joel P. Bennett called on the National Restaurant Association, where the woman and Cain worked in the late 1990s, to release the woman from her written promise not to talk about the allegations or disparage the trade group.

“It is just frustrating that Herman Cain is going around bad-mouthing the two complainants, and my client is blocked by a confidentiality agreement,” Bennett said. “The National Restaurant Association ought to release them and allow them to respond. ”

The association, which Cain headed from 1996 to 1999, has remained mum since the story broke in Politico on Sunday evening, citing a long-standing policy not to comment on personnel issues. Cain denied the sexual harassment allegations, saying they were “totally baseless and totally false.”

Bennett represents one of the two women, who attended an Ivy League school and now works for the federal government. She has avoided the limelight since the allegations were aired, and she is staying with relatives while the media stakes out her home in suburban Maryland, Bennett said.
I don't believe Cain has any control over the issue at this time because the agreement was between the woman and the National Restaurant Association. And it's not in their best interest to release her from her agreement since that could make them look bad and would open the door to other actions against the organization and its employees.

Chances are this will just drip-drip-drip for days and you know the media won't let it alone as long as Cain is a threat to win the nomination.

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Nightingale said...

Attended (not graduated) an Ivy League school and works for the federal government....so that automatically makes her truthful. All I can think of is Anita Hill.