HolyCoast: Founder of #OccupyWallStreet: Let's Just Declare Victory and Send Everybody Home

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Founder of #OccupyWallStreet: Let's Just Declare Victory and Send Everybody Home

Don't you just hate it when your protest movement is taken over by rapist, cop car-poopers, vandals, thieves and druggies? The guy who inspired the #Occupy movement thinks it's time to end this mess:
Kalle Lasn, the editor-in-chief of Adbusters, said it was considering declaring victory in an attempt to regain the initiative after a series of negative headlines about the encampment.

“We are talking about it with all our people,” said Lasn. “The other side is owning the narrative right now. People are talking about drugs and criminals at OWS.

“Why not, as a grand gesture, declare victory? I love the idea that some diehards will dig in through the snow. This is what happens in movements and revolutions, they have this crazy wild state a the beginning where nobody knows that going on.”

Even among those sympathetic to the Occupy movement, there is some skepticism as to whether it is sustainable in its current form.

Chris Howell, a professor of politics at Oberlin College, said the movement had been successful in shifting political discourse from the budget deficit to inequality of power and wealth. But he said that to move beyond that it needed to institutionalise itself.
This is sort of like Saddam Hussein declaring victory as he was drug out of his spider hole at the point of an Army assault rifle.  The #Occupy movement has been a massive failure in terms of influencing public opinion in the directly the lefties wanted.

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Sam L. said...

It has been pretty effective in influencing public opinion against it, though. I'll give them that.