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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Think Perry's Done

It's a shame, but failure after failure in debates does not inspire confidence among voters, and last night's performance probably finished him off:
Texas Gov. Rick Perry suffered from a severe case of brain freeze on stage at the ninth Republican presidential debate in Michigan on Wednesday night -- forgetting which federal agencies he would cut if elected president.

While answering a question about the federal tax code, Perry announced that he would eliminate three agencies.

"It's three agencies of government when I get there that are gone. Commerce, education and ..." Perry said before an exceedingly long, awkward pause.

Finally a rival tried to come to the rescue. "The EPA?" former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney chimed in.

"There you go," Perry said before admitting that that was not the one he had intended. Moderator John Harwood interjected, saying, "Seriously?"

"No sir," Perry replied.

"But you can't name the third one," Harwood persisted. Perry then tried again.

"Education, commerce and the third ... " After another incredibly long pause he gave up. "I can't," Perry said. "Oops."

The whole incident at the Oakland University in Rochester, Mich., lasted an agonizing 52 seconds.

Voters don't want their presidents having brain farts in stressful moments. I think whatever's left of his poll numbers will probably deteriorate even further.

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