HolyCoast: Maybe Obama Doesn't Really Want to Win

Monday, November 28, 2011

Maybe Obama Doesn't Really Want to Win

Sometimes I wonder.  He doesn't really seem to like the hard parts of the job, just the perks.  He clearly enjoys campaigning more than governing.  I wonder if he might be thinking it would be better to lose and play the victim for the rest of his life:
“Over the last decade, we became a country that relied too much on what we bought and consumed.”

- President Obama, Nov. 19, 2011

“Too many of us now tend to worship self-indulgence and consumption. Human identity is no longer defined by what one does, but by what one owns.”

- President Carter, July 15, 1979

There are only two ways to look at the Obama re-election campaign right now: Either the upstart candidate who stunned the world when he defeated the Clinton machine to capture the Democratic nomination three years ago has lost every bit of that massive mojo, or the bruised and battered president, after three years in office, just doesn’t want another spin in the Oval Office.

How else to explain the nonstop missteps, the stammering and stuttering campaign, not to mention the brazen attacks on American voters, who, he has said, have “fallen behind,” lost their “ambition and imagination,” gotten “lazy” and “a bit soft” - this is a guy seeking the support of America?!

For the past 36 months, Americans have hoped for the best. But it hasn’t turned out that way. In fact, some argue that Mr. Obama actually made the economy worse - the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said last week that his 2009 stimulus package may have sustained as few as 700,000 jobs at its peak and that over the long run it will be a net drag on the economy.

But then, this. The president, traveling the country purportedly to look for votes in 2012, decided to lecture the American people on their shortcomings: fat, lazy, stupid. And now, he’s channeling - of all people - Jimmy Carter.
There are certainly plenty of comparisons to the Carter years. Unfortunately, I don't see a Reagan on the horizon who can unify the electorate against him.

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Larry said...

The political mood today will be a distant memory eleven months from now. Obama doesn't care about the state of affairs today because he doesn't need to —if this were football we’d still be in pre-season. All that matters is a strong finish which could happen if unemployment drops below 8%, or if there is a national emergency which unites the country. If either of those were to happen, the media will go bonkers more than ever for Obama.

We're dealing with domestic forces —the same ones that orchestrated the 2008 financial crisis which occurred, coincidentally, right when it would help them politically the most. Their country be-damned.

We’re dealing with foreign forces that would benefit greatly from four more years of Obama’s aloof foreign policy and his desire for deep defense cuts. China wants Taiwan. North Korea wants South Korea. Iran wants Iraq. Russia wants Eastern Europe. The Muslim Brotherhood wants Tunisia, Libya and Egypt.

These domestic and international forces can make things happen. And when things happen, things change.