HolyCoast: NASCAR, I Know How You Can Make it Up to Michelle Obama

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NASCAR, I Know How You Can Make it Up to Michelle Obama

While talking with KHND Radio this morning I had an idea of how NASCAR can make it up to Michelle Obama for the well-deserved booing she got on Sunday in Homestead, FL. The Obama's are always pushing electric cars, so I think one of the preliminary events in Daytona this February should be a race featuring 43 Chevy Volts (assuming they can find that many).

We'll call it the Daytona 40. Or perhaps it should be the Daytona 35, because after two pace laps those cars will only have about 35 miles of battery life left.

I can see it now, 43 gleaming new Volts headed down the front stretch and taking the green flag at a majestic 80 mph. Several minutes later they'll come back down the front stretch, this time at maybe 77 mph as the batteries begin their slow fade. They'll continue for maybe another 10 laps at which time the weaker sisters among the Volts will begin to die. After two more laps the racetrack will be littered with dead Volts, parked along the track, as a glittering testimony to Obama's electric car legacy.

NASCAR, make it happen.

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