HolyCoast: NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship Will Be Decided Today

Sunday, November 20, 2011

NASCAR Sprint Cup Championship Will Be Decided Today

Today is a sad day for me because it's the last race of the 2011 NASCAR season.  There won't be any more racing until everybody gets to Daytona in February.

The championship this year is as tight as its ever been, and for the first time in six years Jimmy Johnson won't be the champion.  Carl Edwards leads Tony Stewart by only 3 points.  That's three positions on the track, but when you add in bonus point potential, it could be closer than that (drivers can get a bonus point for leading a lap, leading the most laps, or winning the race).

There are too many possible scenarios that should shift the championship from Edwards to Stewart to try and recount here.  Needless to say, it should be a suspenseful race.  The other competitors will be trying to win the race, but also to stay out of the way of the two championship contenders.  Nobody wants to be responsible for taking a championship contender out of the race (except possibly Kyle Busch who doesn't seem to care about such things).

The race is at Miami Homestead and coverage begins on ESPN at 2 pm EST.

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