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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Obamacare Headlines of the Day

From Drudge:
5 1/2 HOURS: High Court to Rule on Obama's mandate...
26 States Want Entire Law Struck Down...
Decision 4 Months Before Election Day...
Justice Kagan called to recuse herself...
Let's expand a little on that last item:
The Supreme Court’s announcement Monday that it will hear challenges to President Obama’s health care law put a spotlight on Justice Elena Kagan, who worked in the administration while the law was being written and, conservatives argue, helped craft its legal defense.

“Before the Supreme Court case is heard, we need to know if Justice Elena Kagan helped the Obama administration prepare its defense for Obamacare when she was solicitor general. The Justice Department must answer serious questions about whether Justice Kagan has an inherent conflict of interest, which would demand that she recuse herself from the Obamacare case,” said Rep. John Fleming, Louisiana Republican.

At the same time, liberal groups and Democrats in Congress have been pushing for months for Justice Clarence Thomas to recuse himself, citing his wife’s stated opposition to the law as an indication that he cannot rule impartially.

At stake in the case is the fate of the president’s massive health care overhaul, which passed Congress on the strength of Democratic votes last year and has a checkered record in lower courts.
There's a huge difference between someone who probably helped plan the Administration's legal defense for Obamacare, and a guy whose wife has been an activist against it. Not the same at all, and the only reason we're getting this "moral equivalence" between Kagan and Thomas is because the left is desperate to keep her on the case. If she's gone, it's pretty much a sure thing they lose. If she stays, they hope she can persuade Justice Kennedy in the direction of upholding Obamacare.

They're even more desperate to get Thomas off the case because that pretty much guarantees a victory for Obama.  However, I'm confident that Thomas isn't going anywhere so they'll have to just keep complaining without result.

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