HolyCoast: #OccupyDC - Women and Children Terrorized First

Monday, November 07, 2011

#OccupyDC - Women and Children Terrorized First

These people are thugs, and when the unionized police decide to forsake their sworn oath to protect life and property and side with thugs, the combination gets pretty ugly (from Daily Caller):
Occupy DC: Social justice through knocking down old ladies -- On Friday night, a howling mob of Occupy DC geniuses stormed the Washington Convention Center, blocked traffic, hurt some elderly people, and kept parents with small children and a woman in a wheelchair from leaving. All because there was somebody inside they didn't like. So where were the cops? TheDC's Matthew Boyle reports: "Americans For Prosperity staffers told The Daily Caller that Washington, D.C. 911 operators hung up on them four times when they asked for extra police to help them deal with the Occupy DC protesters who stormed their 'Defending the American Dream Summit' Friday evening and some attendees suggested that the lack of police resources may have been politically motivated. AFP foundation's director of programs Katie Engdahl said she called 911 to ask for more help in order to protect event attendees from the growing group of protesters outside the Washington Convention Center. Engdahl was the AFP staffer in charge of running the event, which the Occupy protesters swarmed on Friday night, most likely because billionaire investor David Koch was in attendance. Left-wing media have vilified Koch and his brother, Charles, for their donations to libertarian and free market causes... Engdahl said she called 911 in the middle of the show and told them the protesters appeared organized with a plan of attack as they had all the convention center exits blocked... 'I said that I didn't want it to rise to where we had a confrontation or other problems – and they hung up on me,' Engdahl said, adding that she and other AFP staffers and volunteers had made at least four 911 calls from inside the convention center asking for help." They were all hung up on. Meanwhile: "Dolores Brodersen, a 78-year-old woman who came to Washington for the summit with her Detroit AFP group, suffered severe injuries to her wrist, both legs and ankle as a result of the havoc raised by the protesters." Well, they had a really good chant going and didn't want to stop for some old lady writhing in pain on the ground. If Brodersen didn't want to get pushed down the stairs, she should've thought about that before she attended an event that wasn't Occupy DC-approved, right? Another elderly woman was also injured on the same set of stairs, and the peaceful, compassionate Occupy DC protesters helped out by... yelling at her. P.S. Was the inadequate police presencepolitically motivated? P.P.S. Oh yeah, and Occupy DC also used their own children as human shields. Nice. 
More on the Occupy DC attack mob -- TheDC's Michelle Fields was also on the receiving end of the Occupy movement's respect for women Friday night. You can watch her report from the Washington Convention Center here. And here she is describing the peacefully belligerent, calmly shrieking protesters: "They targeted the individuals at the event by blocking off all of the exits of the building so that no one could leave and blocked off all intersections around the convention center so that no cars could pass through. It seemed as though most people at the event caught cabs back home, so the people who were hurt the most by the blocked intersections were DC residents — not the people from the AFP event... A very large group of male protesters began to surround me and chant 'F— Michelle Fields,' while others screamed in my face for working at The Daily Caller and being a 'right wing extremist.' There were very few female protesters, but they were civil towards me. All of the people who harassed me were male protesters... Occupy DC only allowed non-luxury cars and government buses to pass through. At one point an African American man came by in an SUV and pleaded with the protesters to let him and his 2 year old son get through so they could go home. One of the protesters shouted: 'Sorry, but you have no power right now and your son can't save you.'" When it comes to targeting victims of their free-floating rage, Occupy DC's preference is clear: women and children first.
There's no better argument for the end of public employee unions than this.

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Larry said...

“You were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn't have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory.”
- Elizabeth Warren

People like Elizabeth Warren view police protection as THEIRS. Saying “the rest of us paid for” implies that the Americans For Prosperity attendees at the Convention Center had no claim to any of the benefits of a police department. After all, they didn't pay for it, the rest of us did, so go get your own damn police department.

This is the same D.C. Police department that, on 16 May 2010, escorted bus loads of S.E.I.U. protesters to the home of Greg Baer, deputy general counsel for corporate law at Bank of America. Does Baer even live in D.C.? No, he lives in MARYLAND.

So the D.C. Police won't protect conservatives in D.C. from an angry liberal mob, but they WILL escort an angry liberal mob to Maryland.

What this means is that their jurisdiction is not based upon geography, but demography.