HolyCoast: #OccupyLA As Dysfunctional as the Rest of the #OWS Movement

Saturday, November 05, 2011

#OccupyLA As Dysfunctional as the Rest of the #OWS Movement

From Verum Serum:
From the LA Times:
Police were called to two violent incidents at Occupy Los Angeles on Friday, adding to questions about the protest and its future.
In the morning, a woman was arrested at the encampment outside City Hall after she set another person’s clothes on fire, police said. In another incident hours later, a woman was arrested after protesters said she struck a man with a tent pole. Both were booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.
Of course you have to wonder what prompted these two women to assault someone. Were they robbed? Assaulted? Who knows. Also yesterday:
As a heavy rain fell downtown, employees at a Starbucks near the encampment called police after they noticed that two patio umbrellas had been stolen.
Officers found the umbrellas — which had been painted in an unsuccessful attempt to disguise them — at Occupy Los Angeles.
From what I hear the city is estimating as much as $500,000 in damage to the grass and landscaping where the encampment is located. Who do you suppose is going to pay for that?

And why should anyone EVER AGAIN pay for a permit for a public gathering on Los Angeles city property? These people didn't get a permit and apparently city codes are not enforced if you can find enough people on the city council that are weak enough to agree with you.

UPDATE:  At the other end of the state we have this:
One day after the EPD arrested an alleged Occupy Eureka protester for stealing a carafe of cream from Starbucks, things take a turn for the worse. The press release:
On 11-04-2011, Officers of the Eureka Police Department responded to several crimes involving subjects who appear to be affiliated with the “Occupy Eureka” group.
At about 8:09 am, Officers responded to the 5th Street branch of US Bank for a biohazard report. A US Bank representative reported that she came to work to find an unknown subject(s) had urinated and defecated in the entry way to the bank. This is the second occurrence of this type at US Bank this week.
Verum Serum is doing an admirable job of keeping up with all this.

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