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Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Apparently someone in Oakland decided to fight back against the disruption that's been going on all day in that lefty city:
A man and a woman were hit at 11th Street and Broadway by a silver Mercedes, after a male driver ran a red light, said Joe Jackson, 37, of Oakland, who witnessed the incident.

The driver was irritated by protesters walking in front of him.

Onlookers said the driver deliberately ran over the pair, accelerating after a man hit on the hood of the car.

The windshield was splattered with what appeared to be a milkshake.

After the car stopped at the other end of the intersection, the driver switched seats with his female passenger.

About 40 people gathered in the intersection and some pulled open the driver's door.

The woman inside shouted: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

The injured man and woman were taken away in ambulances.

Police let the driver go.
I'm reading on Twitter that someone was killed at #OccupyOakland after being hit by a car. Unknown if it's this same incident.

Today's absurdities, and possibly fatalities, can be laid at the feet of Oakland Mayor Quan. Her ineptitude and waffling on regaining control of the city set this whole thing up. She should do the right thing and quit.

UPDATE:  More details:
Two people were injured when a man driving a silver Mercedes drove into a crowd of demonstrators in downtown Oakland. Several witnesses say the driver was provoked by a demonstrator who banged on the hood of his car as he attempted to turn onto a street thronged with demonstrators.

"The man who is on the ground now hit the car, and then the driver pushed on the gas," said Ayzia Robinson of Benicia.

The car was then surrounded by a mob of demonstrators as medics arrived on the scene.

"The guy who got hit by the car hit the hood of the car, and then the driver hit the gas," said a witness who gave her name as Kareena. "This is a situation where you have two people with bad decision making skills."

I'm hearing now that there was no fatality.

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