HolyCoast: #OccupyPortland Gets Their Walking Papers

Saturday, November 12, 2011

#OccupyPortland Gets Their Walking Papers

And thanks to at least one good citizen, is disarmed:
Police said they believe protesters in the Occupy Portland camps are soliciting out-of-state reinforcements, collecting gas masks and may be preparing weapons and shields for a confrontation early Sunday morning when police are expected to evict them from Lownsdale and Chapman squares.

Police spokesman Lt. Robert King said officers took out enough stone and foundation rocks to fill a pickup truck after an Occupy Portland protester tipped off police.

King said one of the Occupy Portland protesters approached him and showed him one of the rocks that some of the campers appeared to be stockpiling.

About 20 officers moved in to remove the rock, which was found at the northwest corner of Chapman Square. Officers also found some plywood.

Shortly after police removed the rocks, a young man sitting on a bench in Lownsdale Square collapsed. People started yelling that he was overdosing and dying. Officers started CPR while the crowd pressed around them, yelling at police and news media.

Police spokesman Lt. Robert King said it was the third overdose in the camps that police know of. It appears the man had taken heroin, King said. He was revived by emergency workers and was breathing as he was taken away on a stretcher.

Police also said campers have dug a hole in one of the parks which has been reinforced with wood and that they have received reports of others hammering nails into wood as possible weapons.

Police believe as many as 300 people from various locations, including Seattle, Oakland and San Francisco, are expected to join those at the parks with as many as 150 anarchists helping resist the eviction.
Police were also handing out eviction notices at #OccupyOakland last night. The mess up there was made worse by the dithering lefty Mayor Jean Quan who failed to back up her police department when they cleaned the camp out the first time. That one is now guaranteed to be ugly.

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