HolyCoast: The #OccupyWallStreet Rap Sheet Hits 128 Incidents

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

The #OccupyWallStreet Rap Sheet Hits 128 Incidents

John Nolte has collected the stories of 128 criminal incidents involving #OccupyWallStreet protests across the country. That's about 128 more than ever occurred at Tea Party events. You can see the whole list, complete with links here.

By the way, those protesters who wants us to believe they represent the "99%" may actually be a lot more like the "1%" than they'd like to admit:
This is what hypocrisy looks like -- As we head into another month of Occupiers banging their baby spoons against their high chairs for more birthday cake, you might be curious: What sort of person behaves like this? TheDC's Will Rahn has one piece of the puzzle: "Many Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested in New York City reside in more luxurious homes than some of their rhetoric might suggest, a Daily Caller investigation has found. For each of the 984 Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested in New York City between September 18 and October 15, police collected and filed an information sheet recording the arrestee's name, age, sex, criminal charge, home address and — in most cases — race. The Daily Caller has obtained all of this information from a source in the New York City government. Among addresses for which information is available, single-family homes listed on those police intake forms have a median value of $305,000 — a far higher number than the $185,400 median value of owner-occupied housing units in the United States... Using county assessors and online resources such as Zillow.com, TheDC estimated property values and rents for 87 percent of the homes and 59 percent of the apartments listed in the arrest records. Even in the nation's currently depressed housing market, at least 95 of the protesters' residences are worth approximately $500,000 or more. The median monthly rent for those living in apartments whose information is readily available is $1,850." Hey, 99% is a state of mind. Ask Michael Moore. Just because you want to bring down the rotten capitalist system doesn't mean you have to live like a commoner. Not until you get to Zuccotti Park, at least. By the way: 984 arrests in one month? Just imagine the firestorm if 9, 8, or even 4 Tea Partiers got arrested. And that's just Occupy Wall Street! That's not even counting all the raping and rioting and whatnot at other Occupations around the country. It's getting tougher and tougher for the media to make these degenerates look good, which might be why they've whip-panned their cameras over to... 

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