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Monday, November 28, 2011

Planned Parenthood Quote of the Day

From a 17-year old, away from home and afraid she was pregnant, who was sent at her parent's suggestion to Planned Parenthood to get help with her pregnancy test and prenatal care:
The same day I called them and told them that I had a blood test and it confirmed pregnancy, and I needed to see if I could see a doctor about prenatal care and what I could and couldn't do, and what would keep the baby healthy. They then told me that unless I had a sexually transmitted disease or wanted an abortion that they could no longer help me. I said so y'all do not help pregnant women? They told me no that they didn't have doctors for pregnant women.
The whole story is here - read it all. Planned Parenthood is not in the business of planning parenthood, they're in the business of ending it.


Janna said...

There's no link to the article... can you put it in there? :) Thanks!

Rick Moore said...

Sorry about that - I've updated the post with the link.