HolyCoast: Romney to Pro-Abortion Activists: You Need Someone Like Me in Washington

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Romney to Pro-Abortion Activists: You Need Someone Like Me in Washington

Mitt Romney in 2002 was singing a different tune on abortion:
Mitt Romney was firm and direct with the abortion rights advocates sitting in his office nine years ago, assuring the group that if elected Massachusetts governor, he would protect the state’s abortion laws.

Then, as the meeting drew to a close, the businessman offered an intriguing suggestion — that he would rise to national prominence in the Republican Party as a victor in a liberal state and could use his influence to soften the GOP’s hard-line opposition to abortion.

He would be a “good voice in the party” for their cause, and his moderation on the issue would be “widely written about,” he said, according to detailed notes taken by an officer of the group, NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts.

“You need someone like me in Washington,” several participants recalled Romney saying that day in September 2002, an apparent reference to his future ambitions.
I'm kind of surprised this is coming out now. I expect lots of stories like this once Romney becomes the nominee (should that happen). Not only will there be multiple stories detailing all of Romney's shifts on various policies, but Mormonism will come under a full-fledged assault. By the time they're done with him even Mitt won't recognize himself.

If he's the nominee we lose.

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Larry said...

When Romney ran against Ted Kennedy in 1994, Rush Limbaugh played clips of the debates on his TV show. Romney had golden opportunities to show what an absolute socialist Kennedy was, but in the debates he ran to Kennedy's left and it became a contest to see who could fulfill liberal ideals:

-Run as much of human life in the country as possible.

-Indivituals are not capable of living life themselves so it's got to be done for them.

Romney didn't lose to Kennedy because he was a conservative alternative to the Liberal Lion. He lost because he tried to become a Liberal-er Lion.