HolyCoast: Tea Party Complains to City About #Occupy Costs, City Orders Tax Audit...Of Tea Party

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tea Party Complains to City About #Occupy Costs, City Orders Tax Audit...Of Tea Party

Of course they did:
Two weeks after the Richmond Tea Party delivered an invoice to Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones for costs incurred for previous rallies, we received a letter from the City of Richmond formally stating that the city is auditing our Tea Party. Coincidence? This audit is an obvious attempt to intimidate and harass us for standing up against the unfair treatment and discrimination against our Tea Party.

First some back story: as reported on the front page of the Richmond Times Dispatch, the Richmond Tea Party delivered an invoice for charges incurred in our previous three Tax Day rallies at Kanawha Plaza because Mayor Jones chose to allow Occupy Richmond protesters to convene in the same park for two weeks.

The Mayor not only allowed the Occupiers to break the law, but he visited them in the city-owned park. “Jones said that as a ‘child of civil rights’ and protests, he had allowed the group to remain in the park but understands his mayoral responsibility to uphold laws of the city,” reported the Richmond Times Dispatch.

Apparently his mayoral duties included preferential treatment for a group he sympathizes with ideologically at the expense of the taxpayers.

The blog Virginia Right reported that the city provided services such as portable toilets, trash pickup, etc. The incomplete invoices obtained from the city totaled $7,000. This was only a portion of the actual costs to taxpayers because the costs of police, helicopter and incarcerations were not included. Also not accounted for was the 24-hour police protection of the Mayor’s home after the Occupiers moved their camp next door to the Mayor’s house. The Richmond Tea Party, conversely, paid for all services for our rallies, including the police, portable toilets, park fees and permits, amounting to approximately $8,500.
In Los Angeles, had the Tea Party set up camp across from City Hall they would have been run out the first night. OccupyLA has been there for two months, with no permits or fees paid, costing the city millions, and even when a deadline was set the city didn't act against the protesters. It's clear that liberal politicians are essentially wimps who believe that the law need only be enforced against people with whom they disagree.

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Larry said...

It scares me when elected officials behave this way. Either they’re really stupid, or they have an ace-in-the-hole that will virtually guarantee they win in 2012. The normal election cycle, and the resulting fear of being booted from office, normally keeps this kind of behavior in check.