HolyCoast: Weekly KHND Interview Podcast/Video

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Weekly KHND Interview Podcast/Video

Something new this week - the in-studio video from my weekly interview with KHND Radio.  My part of the broadcast starts at 18:32, so if you wish you can skip ahead to that point and listen in.

I also did an interview today on Voice of Russia America radio, an English language broadcast in New York City and Washington D.C.  I was on a panel with a constitutional activist from New York and the media guy for #OccupyOakland.  That was different.    We were discussing the increased costs to municipal governments due to #Occupy protests.  It's clear the guy from Oakland has a basic misunderstanding of what the First Amendment really means.  He seemed to think that anything is okay in the name of protest and assembly, but it's not.  The First Amendment does not supersede the rights of property owners, whether public or private, to control the activities on their property.

I also made the point that permit fees and security bonds, often required for Tea Party gatherings, have never been required for #Occupy protests.  They've been getting a free ride at taxpayer expense.  That has to stop.

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