HolyCoast: Bad Economy Hits Theater, Seven Dwarves Hardest Hit

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bad Economy Hits Theater, Seven Dwarves Hardest Hit

It's pretty bad out there:
. . .A theatre has come under criticism after it replaced its Seven Dwarfs with children in masks with pre-recorded voices in order to save money. Dwarf actors have been axed from Wolverhampton’s Grand Theatre because they are too expensive, much to the disappointment of many families looking forward to watching the popular production of Snow White which started this week. Despite the theatre breaking its own records with their pantomime last year, featuring Christopher Biggins, which took over GBP1.1million, it seems the traditional seven dwarfs look to be the latest victims of the testing economical times after stingy producers replaced professional actors with children as part of the cost-cutting measure. . .
Now they're all Grumpy.

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