HolyCoast: Does God Control The Denver Bronco Games With His Universal Remote?

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Does God Control The Denver Bronco Games With His Universal Remote?

I'm not a football fan (except possibly for Mission Viejo High School).  I don't care who wins what in the NFL, and I couldn't tell you who's good and who's bad this year.  I don't follow the sport.

However, I can't help but take note of the Tim Tebow phenomenon because every time Tebow wins one of these last minute cliffhangers my Twitter and Facebook feeds explode with comments.  And there's one that seems to pop up multiple times in each of the past several weeks:
"One of these days Tebow will come up against a defense that will kick his butt."
Well of course he will. Every quarterback, from the greenest rookie to the most seasoned future Hall-of-Famer, is going to have games in which the defense eats him alive. It's not exactly a profile in courage to make that prediction about Tebow.

But why do these people feel it necessary to say these things, and why are they so angry when he wins? They just can't understand why Tebow has been so successful (6-1 as a starter). They look at him and see a guy whose skills apparently aren't worthy of a starting NFL spot, and yet he's a starter AND a winner. And his faith really makes the uncomfortable.

Those who scoff at faith in general are really bugged by this guy because his faith is right up front and that really seems to perturb them.

Can his faith be credited with his success? I don't think God sits up in heaven with his "universal remote" and orders the outcome of NFL games based on the godliness of the players. If that was the case you'd have a lot more teams with winless seasons.

However, Tebow's faith is undoubtedly a calming and comforting influence on his life, and that can't hurt in the high pressure world of professional sports.

Last week Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh stomped on an opponent's arm and got himself suspended for two games. Yesterday Suh crashed his car into a tree in downtown Portland, OR. There's a guy who could use some calming and comforting.

My hat's off to Tebow for making the best of what skills and opportunities he has.  He's a great example of a guy who is not only a man of faith, but a man who is getting the optimum results from his efforts.

And my guess is he'll keep confounding his critics...until he has a big loss and then they'll all gloat assuming the loss will bother him as much as it would bother them were they talented enough to be in his position.

It won't.

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