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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Economic Quote of the Day

From a Wall Street Journal op-ed by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush:
We either can go down the road we are on, a road where the individual is allowed to succeed only so much before being punished with ruinous taxation, where commerce ignores government action at its own peril, and where the state decides how a massive share of the economy's resources should be spent.

Or we can return to the road we once knew and which has served us well: a road where individuals acting freely and with little restraint are able to pursue fortune and prosperity as they see fit, a road where the government's role is not to shape the marketplace but to help prepare its citizens to prosper from it.

In short, we must choose between the straight line promised by the statists and the jagged line of economic freedom. The straight line of gradual and controlled growth is what the statists promise but can never deliver. The jagged line offers no guarantees but has a powerful record of delivering the most prosperity and the most opportunity to the most people. We cannot possibly know in advance what freedom promises for 312 million individuals. But unless we are willing to explore the jagged line of freedom, we will be stuck with the straight line. And the straight line, it turns out, is a flat line.
If his last name wasn't "Bush" Jeb would have been the ideal candidate for this year. His record in Florida was excellent and he's much more articulate than his former president brother. Conservatives could easily rally around Jeb...but his last name is Bush and I don't see America electing anyone else with that name for a long, long time.


Larry said...

The Syrians sure miss Bush.

Sam L. said...

Hey! This would give Obama the opportunity to blame W and Jeb at the same time! He'd love that opportunity.

Might confuse the heck out of him, too.