HolyCoast: The Immaturity of the Left Will Be In Full Display in 2012

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Immaturity of the Left Will Be In Full Display in 2012

We can expect this kind of stuff all year:
Protesters heckled and chased Newt Gingrich and his wife as they left the Iowa Capitol on Wednesday, a turbulent scene that Iowa political leaders fear could be replayed again and again before Jan. 3, jeopardizing the civil discourse tradition of the Iowa caucuses.

The leaders say they’re gearing up for a showdown.

The protesters — some involved with the Occupy movement — say they plan to attend candidate appearances, stand up, scream questions and disrupt the events.

The foundation of the caucuses is civil dialogue, where Iowans can engage in conversation, said Matt Strawn, chairman of the Iowa Republican Party.

“The more that agitators disrupt these events, the more it takes away from the Iowa caucus experience,” Strawn said. “It doesn’t give other Iowans an opportunity to ask the questions.”
Obama didn't face this kind of opposition from conservatives in 2008 and won't see it in 2012. Why? Well, his Secret Service detail would quickly remove anyone disrupting his events, and conservatives are not that immature. We don't try and stifle the speech of our political opposition. We try to persuade them with the strength of our arguments, not the strength of our screams.

The Occupy people may succeed in temporarily silencing GOP candidates, but they won't succeed in winning people to their cause. That kind of behavior is very annoying and certainly not attractive to anyone but the very weak-minded and immature.


Larry said...

We've reached the point where liberals won't even attempt to put forth the proposition that we should re-elect Barack Obama so that these same liberals can remain on the receiving end of wealth redistribution.

When an old man in the retirement home was asked a few elections ago whether he would be willing to put his grandkids into poverty to maintain his own current standard of living, he sternly replied "Yes." The liberals shouting-down Gingrich have the same agenda as the old man in the retirement home -but they at least realize that formulating what they want into a public discussion will make them look like the theiving scum-bags they are.

Nightingale said...

Seems to me there were some students who tried to shout down an Israeli diplomat during a meeting at UCI. These students were arrested and lost their legal case, because freedom of speech does not support disruptive behavior. One can only hope this new crop of disruptive lefties will receive the same treatment.

Larry said...

Nightingale: I'm not sure if being charged with a misdemeanor is much of a deterrent for people like this, as they consider it their job to spend half a day in jail.

I’m sure Newt would like to get his message out there, but an alternative is to let them protest to their heart’s content, and use new media like Breitbart and YouTube, where raw unedited video can be posted, to show these fools for who they really are.

Nightingale said...

Very true, Larry. Alternative media like YouTube or Breitbart seem to be the most realistic alternative, since the MSM continues to paint the Occupy dolts in only a positive light.