HolyCoast: The L.A. Media Have Become the Official Spokesmen For #OccupyRoseParade

Friday, December 30, 2011

The L.A. Media Have Become the Official Spokesmen For #OccupyRoseParade

For the last several days every news broadcast on every L.A. TV or radio news station has carried a story on the plans for #Occupy morons to infect the Rose Parade next Tuesday.  There's absolutely no real news value in these repeated reports...unless it's the goal of the media to promote the morons in hope of a disruption or confrontation during the parade.  After all, there's nothing like a good old-fashioned police hippie whomping to stimulate the ratings.

The washed-up theater majors that make up #OccupyRoseParade plan to showcase a 70-foot octopus made of trash bags that's supposed to represent corporate greed (what, no giant puppets??), and will be relegated to following along behind the cops who officially end the parade...and the network TV coverage.  But it wouldn't surprise me a bit if the networks hang on a bit and give them national coverage, again in the mindless search for ratings.

The Pasadena Tea Party briefly considered a counter-demonstration when it appeared the protesters would be allowed in the actual parade, but wisely dropped their plans in favor of allowing people to enjoy a politics-free family event.  Too bad the #Occupy morons and their enablers in the media don't have that level of maturity.

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Sam L. said...

C'mon, Rick! A 70-foot octopus IS a puppet! As are the OWSers.