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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A Mechanic Will Be Looking for a New Job

I often listen to the OCFA fire dispatches and I heard a call the other night for an accident near Lake Mission Viejo involving three vehicles with two of them on fire. Wrecks with fire are not that common, and when I heard two were burning I was afraid this was going to end very badly.

Fortunately, injuries were minor but the damage was pretty severe. From the Mission Viejo Dispatch:
Did you read about the crash Monday in Japan of thirteen sports cars, including a Lamborghini, eight Ferrari’s, and two Mercedes?

On that same evening in Mission Viejo a Lamborghini Murciellago collided with three other vehicles, including a BMW, on Alicia near Marguerite in Mission Viejo. A mechanic was test driving the Lamborghini about 7 p.m. when the pileup resulted. The sports car and a Honda erupted in flames.

The 12-cylinder Lamborghini Murciellago has been ranked the world’s number one exotic sports car. There was an average of 450 assembled annually in Italy over the last nine years, each selling for over $200,000. It might be a long time before another MV crash causes this sum of vehicle damage.

None of the drivers in the MV crash were hurt, but the extensive debris caused a lane closure on Alica for three hours. The City reports witnesses saying the Lamborghini was traveling at a high rate of speed, but Police are still investigating the cause.
There's one mechanic that will be fixing VW's in the future.

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Larry said...

There was a post on a Corvette forum a few years ago by a man whose Corvette was totalled by the mechanic. It appeared from the thread that it was S.O.P. at this particular garage for the employees to use customer cars to commute to and from work, and that is what the mechanic was doing when he had the accident.