HolyCoast: Mission Viejo Christmas Lights

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mission Viejo Christmas Lights

Last night we took the Holly Trolley Tour of the Christmas lights contest winners' homes.  These are people who clearly enjoy paying more for electricity than I do.  We have some lights out, but nothing like this.

The tour left from City Hall, which is very nicely decorated and includes Santa's House where a long line of families and their kids were waiting to see the old guy:
Many moons ago (1992) the Santa House was located at Four Corners (La Paz & Chrisanta) and we went over there one night when Santa wasn't home and took our family Christmas photo.
She's now 23 and he's 20.  Yikes.

Back to last night.  This was our ride:

And here are some shots from the various places we stopped. At some of these homes you could probably use their electric meter as a fan. Clark Griswold would be proud:

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