HolyCoast: Pasadena Tries Negotiating With Dirty Hippies So They Don't Crap On Their Parade

Friday, December 09, 2011

Pasadena Tries Negotiating With Dirty Hippies So They Don't Crap On Their Parade

I can't believe how many wimpified city leaders we have in America these days:
Authorities are beefing up security for the Tournament of Roses Parade this year but hope a planned Occupy protest will be peaceful and not disrupt the event.

Pasadena police and Occupy the Rose Parade demonstrators had a meeting of the minds this week, with protesters who plan a post-parade march down Colorado Boulevard promising not to disrupt the main event and police ensuring that the demonstrators would be treated fairly as long as they keep their word.

In a meeting Wednesday with Police Chief Phillip Sanchez and other department brass, Occupy the Rose Parade organizers agreed not to disrupt official proceedings.

"We want to make sure this is completely non-disruptive to the main parade," said Occupy the Rose Parade organizer Peter Thottam.

"We're going to work with [Occupy the Rose Parade] to ensure that the parade goes smoothly and they have the opportunity to have their voice,” said Police Department spokeswoman Lt. Phlunte Riddle.

On Jan. 2, the Occupy demonstrators plan to display signs near the Norton Simon Museum, across from the main location for television cameras covering the parade, before banding together to carry a 250-foot-long banner representation of the U.S. Constitution from Orange Grove Boulevard to a post-parade rally at Pasadena City Hall.
In the good old days the mayor and police chief would have sat down with the #Occupy crowd and told the something like this:
"If we see your raggedy dirty hippie butts anywhere near this parade we're going to beat 99% of the stupid out of you. You and your scummy crowd better be scarce during this parade."
The hippies would have gotten the message and Pasadena would have been nice and clean during the parade. However, I fully expect these loons to do their best to inject themselves into the event. They might not disrupt the parade, but they'll know where the TV camera locations are and they're sure to try and get their ignorant signs on the air.

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