HolyCoast: Perry: Don't Be Afraid to Take Your Faith Into the Public Arena

Monday, December 19, 2011

Perry: Don't Be Afraid to Take Your Faith Into the Public Arena

Don't let the "politically correct police" stop you:
Texas Gov. Rick Perry urged churchgoers today to ignore the “politically correct police” who believe separation of church and state does not allow for faith to be present in the public arena, telling the churchgoers they are “biblically charged” to take their faith into the public sphere.

“In the world today, we get often told — particularly people of faith — that you leave your faith at the door or on the steps of a public arena, as those that I refer to as the ‘politically correct police’ who say you can’t bring your faith into public arena,” Perry told the crowd of nearly 90 Methodists at the First Wesleyan Church.

“You will be criticized. Do not be intimidated,” Perry said. “Somebody’s values are going to decide the issues of the day. Whatever they may be, whatever policies are being discussed in city council meeting or on the school board or at the state capitol or in our nation’s capital. Somebody’s values are going to be installed, if you will. The question is going to be, whose values? Is it going to be those of us of faith or is it going to be somebody else’s values?”

Perry’s charge was a repeat of a similar message he spread at two church services last Sunday in Waukee. Perry never mentioned his presidential campaign, nor did he discuss President Obama waging a “war on religion,” a claim the Texas governor has made in recent weeks on the airwaves and speeches in Iowa. Instead, he relayed Bible passages such as Isaiah 6:8, which reads “Here am I, Send me.”
C'mon Iowa, don't give us Mitt, Newt or Paulbot, give us Perry.

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Roger said...

I am still undecided on who my GOP candidate will be. However, Perry's sentiments about faith will be a refreshing change from Obama's policy of "no personal faith allowed", if he is sucessfully elected. He certainly gets extra points on my scorecard for this!