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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Political Video of the Day

A Ron Paul supporter shows how you can kill "chemtrails" by spraying white vinegar at the clouds.  Of course, the "chemtrails" are actually contrails created by hot jet engines going through moist cold air at altitudes well above 30,000 feet.  That's some spray bottle she's got.

According to this blog there are apparently thousands of Paul Bearers around the country trying to do the same thing.

A little scientific knowledge would be so incredibly beneficial for these idiots.  As the air passes through a jet engine it's compressed and heated and then expelled at a high rate of speed out the back.  Depending on pressure, humidity and temperature at flight levels a contrail, if one forms at all, can last from a few seconds to a few hours.  It all depends on the atmospheric conditions, not the amount of vinegar sprayed at the sky.  

People in the middle of the country are more likely to see lots of these because of the jet airways (the designated paths through the sky) that criss-cross the country.  That's why contrails will sometimes appear in box or grid-looking formations.  If you were to superimpose the jet airways over that area they'd look just the same.

Unfortunately, there are millions of people willing to believe even the craziest fantasy about the government, and an alarming number of them back Ron Paul.  He seems to attract, and even encourage, the crazy in people.

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Sam L. said...

Rick, clearly you have too much non-political content to draw Paulbots.

Exhibit A: This posting, and mine the first comment thereon.