HolyCoast: Sky-High Costs For Flight Lessons

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sky-High Costs For Flight Lessons

I saw this deal on Groupon today:
I just had to laugh when I read that. The regular price for a flight lesson is $275?

Well, for one thing you're not going to be flying the plane in the picture. That's a much more advanced aircraft than they use for flight training, but the thing that really struck me was the price. Waaaayyy back in 1977 and 1978 I got my pilot's license at Orange County Airport. This grainy old photo is me standing by a Cessna 172 before taking my Dad and Mom up for a flight.
Back then I paid $17 an hour (including fuel) for a Cessna 150, plus $10 an hour for the flight instructor.  $27 bucks total for a one hour flight lesson.  Even a four-seater 172 only cost $23 an hour.

I can't believe how expensive flying has gotten.  I don't know how a 21-year old today could afford to pay for their own flight training like I did back then.

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