HolyCoast: Tebow Time

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tebow Time

It's game time in Denver with the Broncos taking on the New England Patriots.  I'm guessing the ratings for this game will be pretty high (it's on CBS if you're looking for it).  If my mom is asking me when the game is on you know there's an unusual amount of attention for this event.

For some reason people seem to have a lot riding on quarterback Tim Tebow.  People who aren't normally Denver fans are rooting for him to win his 8th of 9 starts largely because they appreciate his dedication to his faith and his defiance of his critics.  And there are those hoping he stumbles and finally justifies their criticism of him.  Many have been predicting his demise week-after-week, so don't be surprised when that loss inevitably comes (whether this week or in the future) that the gloating will be insufferable.  Even SNL was making fun of his faith last night.

I probably won't see the game, but I'm pretty sure the Twitter feed on my phone will include a lot of updates.

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