HolyCoast: Today's Chris Christie Lesson in Government

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Today's Chris Christie Lesson in Government

The New Jersey governor has some words for #Occupy protesters:
Chris Christie tells protesters to occupy a baby carriage -- Here's another one for the "Why Isn't This Guy Running for President?" file. Alex Pappas reports from Des Moines:

"New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie gave a group of Occupy protesters here a taste of his Jersey charm when they disrupted a rally he was headlining in support of presidential candidate Mitt Romney Wednesday night. 'You're so angry, aren't you?' Christie said, mocking the protesters to the delight of the crowd. 'Work it all out. Work it all out for yourselves.' Several minutes into his remarks at the headquarters of the Iowa-based Kum and Go business, at least a dozen protesters who blended into the audience wearing stickers for Romney's presidential campaign began shouting phrases like, 'Make Wall Street pay...' After the protesters departed, Christie said to laughter: 'Where was I before I was so New Jersey-ly interrupted? ... Let's talk about these folks for a second … Their anger is rooted not in me or in Mitt Romney, their anger is rooted in the fact that they believed in this Hope and Change garbage that they were sold three years ago by this president."
Yep. I hope Christie is involved in the presidential campaign in some way because he can be very entertaining.

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