HolyCoast: Turning the Heat Off to Save the Planet

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Turning the Heat Off to Save the Planet

How did this guy become a Head Teacher (from Great Britain)?
A HEADTEACHER got a roasting yesterday for turning the school heating OFF on one of the coldest days of the year — to save the planet.

Pupils shivered in coats, hats and scarves as temperatures fell to just 1°C (34°F).

Head Rob Benzie switched off the radiators to show how the secondary school could cut its carbon footprint.

But some staff and parents slammed the "barbaric" plan.

One teacher called it "beyond stupid" and added: "It was absolutely ridiculous.

"I've never worked in such cold. I'm all for saving the planet but this was barbaric.

"Nobody could work properly and kids could not even grip a pen through their gloves." The mum of a 12-year-old at Ansford Academy in Castle Cary, Somerset, said: "She was shaking when she came home. I was absolutely furious."

A dad added: "Turning the heating off in December is just mental.
Well, I guess it must have worked. The planet is still here.

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Larry said...

Suffering through their teacher's stupidity will leave the students with a lesson they won't soon forget.