HolyCoast: Democrats Losing Voters in Battleground States, Republicans Gaining

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Democrats Losing Voters in Battleground States, Republicans Gaining

From Red State:
But there are warning signs on the horizon for Mr. Obama. It is not just a sagging economy that may actually be on the way down, not up. Battleground state voters are leaving the Democratic Party. According to National Journal, “Over 825,000 registered Democrats in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina and Pennsylvania have departed the party rolls since President Obama’s election in 2008.”

USA Today reports that Republicans have become resurgent in key swing states too. “Since the heady days of 2008, a new USA TODAY/Gallup Swing States Poll finds the number of voters who identify themselves as Democratic or Democratic-leaning in these key states has eroded, down by 4 percentage points, while the ranks of Republicans have climbed by 5 points.” Republican voters are also paying more attention and are more engaged. In key swing states, Obama trails both Romney and Gingrich.
It's still tough to toss an incumbent president (though it's been done 3 times in my lifetime), and it will take a unified GOP along with many disaffected independents and Dems to get the job done.

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