HolyCoast: Even the Wisconsin Progressives Want to Keep Scott Walker

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Even the Wisconsin Progressives Want to Keep Scott Walker

This is interesting.  An online poll in a progressive Madison, WI newspaper is asking its readers who they'd like to see run against Gov. Scott Walker in the recall election.  The last option given is "I plan to vote for Scott Walker".  Here's the latest results:
If Feingold is their best option they're in trouble because I don't think he wants to run and risk another statewide loss. And based on these numbers (which are not scientific), even if all the opposition was gathered up for one candidate that person would still lose by 8 points.

The Wisconsin Union Thugs have their work cut out for them, especially when you read this item from Business Insider:
"It’s possible the recall elections will rally Wisconsin Democrats, spurring them to keep up the fight by heading to the polls in November. However, the recall election will not be cheap....

Democrats outside the state have expressed concern about sinking money into a statewide election so soon before the presidential race. There is also a chance that adding another hot contest to the year’s election calendar will induce voter fatigue, leaving would-be voters unwilling to summon the energy to make their way back to the polls again in November. In a state as evenly divided as Wisconsin, voter turnout is critical....

In the background, Wisconsin is also considering a proposal that would change the way it allots its Electoral College votes from a winner-take-all model to a representative one based on congressional districts. Maine and Nebraska are the only states that currently determine their Electoral College votes this way.... [I]f the proposal did somehow pass, it could deprive Obama of the last few votes he needs to win a close race, even if he narrowly carries Wisconsin.
I think every Blue state should change to proportional allocation of Electoral Votes. If California did that there would finally be a reason for Republicans to campaign in this state.

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