HolyCoast: GOP Voter Question of the Day: "Why Do We Have So Many Squishes?"

Monday, January 30, 2012

GOP Voter Question of the Day: "Why Do We Have So Many Squishes?"

Ben Domenech interviewed a Florida voter, a former detective who is now a retired stay-at-home mom.  She never used to be very politically engaged, but after the 2008 election and the passage of Obamacare she became very engaged.  What she has to say about 2010 and forward should be very concerning to the GOP:
"2010 was a real turning point for me. I watched the midterm election results as we won the House with some good, solid conservatives and I felt so proud and accomplished. I felt like we - the TEA Party, my mommy friends, ME - we had made a difference," Rebecca said. "We were helping to put our country back on the right path, and return to the ideals of our founders."

"Then came 2011," Rebecca says, and her mood clouds. "It felt like every time I turned around, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell were selling us out, hanging our Tea Party freshmen out to dry, and doing it for no apparent reason."

She's unsure why this is. "Are they idiots, or just the worst chess/poker players ever? Every time they have an opportunity to limit government, reduce taxes, etc. they blow it."

And all the while, President Obama is able to "look like he's trying, he's really trying, but the 'Republican Controlled Congress' keeps getting in the way. The debt ceiling increases. The lack of a budget. The 30-odd House passed bills that Harry Reid won't allow a vote on." Indeed, Rebecca is so infuriated with the Congress' inability to carry their message or push back, she thinks a third party might be needed.

"I almost feel as though there needs to be a new party, a truly conservative party, that really represents us. Sometimes I feel like the GOP is more interested in protecting their jobs than in promoting conservative ideals. At least, that's what Boehner and McConnell make me think," Rebecca said. "Why can't we have a party full of Rubios - candidates who believe in American exceptionalism and limited government, and do so unapologetically? Why do we have to have so many squishes?"
There are a lot of people out there like that, and a major disappointment in 2012 could be just the thing to motivate the formation of an actual conservative third party. I don't like the idea very much because I think it will guarantee Democrat control for a long time until that party is firmly established, but just think of the impact of a party that actually ran and supported candidates like Marco Rubio and other strong conservatives. That would be something to see.


Nightingale said...

But Marco Rubio et al didn't want to run. They felt too inexperienced; they have young children to raise. In other words they wussed out and sold us down the river just like the GOP establishment.

Where are the conservative leaders who are willing to sacrifice for God and country??

Larry said...

Those conservative leaders are having their districts drawn out of existence, while the rest of the Republican party looks on with ambivalence.

They're slogging their way through a Republican party that doesn't want them anywhere near a position where they can change the status quo.

If the RINO squishes learned anything from Reagan, it's that they should've turned off his microphone before he could yell "I'm paying for this microphone Mr. Green!"