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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Inspirational Video of the Day

Over the 14 years that my group has attended the Rockport Gospel Music Festival I've had a chance to become friends with talented artists from all over the country.  A new friend this year is Brian Arnold who has an amazing story of God's grace in his life, and tremendous talent that he's still using today despite obstacles that would have stopped most people.  On Friday morning the local Kiii-TV news crew came to the auditorium and a number of us appeared on their early morning show (very early - we had to be there at 5am).

Here is the bleary eyed bunch that sang for the Corpus Christi audience that morning:

Reporter Kristin Diaz taped a special interview with Brian that you can watch here (it may take it a moment to load up on your screen).

Brian's book is now available for Kindle or iPad on Amazon. I'm reading it now - quite a story.  His website is here.

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