HolyCoast: Movies Like "The Iron Lady" Are Why I Refuse to Pay Full Price for Movie Tickets

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Movies Like "The Iron Lady" Are Why I Refuse to Pay Full Price for Movie Tickets

I buy my movie tickets from Costco at a substantial discount from the box office price, and I do that because it's so rare that a movie is worth paying full price.  "The Iron Lady" is another such movie.

What I hoped would be a well-acted biopic of the most substantive British Prime Minister since Churchill turned out to be more about an old lady suffering from oncoming dementia who spends most of the movie talking to her dead husband and trying to come to grips with his absence.

The movie intercuts back and forth between scenes from her remarkable life and current situation as an ailing and somewhat disconnected from reality pensioner who is no longer allowed to go out by herself.  It almost seemed that every time they showed her in a position of strength they had to cut back to the old lady to dilute the impact of a powerful conservative woman.  It's a shame, really, because her story is one worth telling, but not through the eyes of an occasional delusional old woman.

Meryl Streep will probably win the Oscar for her portrayal, but the movie is otherwise unremarkable and kind of a wasted effort.

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Sam L. said...

What? You hadn't heard/read about it? I knew that last year.

Yesterday I saw "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"--because my wife wanted to see it. I don't recommend it. Some good parts, true. And likely a good first 9/11 movie. Didn't work for me.