HolyCoast: Obama Speaks and Loses Support

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Obama Speaks and Loses Support

As Don Surber put it, the crowd went mild. Some polling numbers (SOTU=State of the Union speech):
The Gallup Approve Disapprove
Pre-SOTU 44% 46%
Post-SOTU 43% 49%

Rasmussen Approve Disapprove
Pre-SOTU 48% 51%
Post-SOTU 46% 52%
There has been a definite pattern. When Obama goes silent during relatively quiet periods in D.C. his numbers start to creep back up, but as soon as he opens his mouth and starts spewing his version of liberalism/socialism again, down they go. The guy who used to cause women to faint in his presence now causes them to flee in panic.

SOTU speeches used to be worth a 3-4 point bump for presidents, though the bump was often temporary, at least they picked up a little support from the voters for their efforts.  Once again, this president creates a new pattern, and that's good news for the upcoming campaign.  The more people hear from him the less likely they are to like him.

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