HolyCoast: Obama to Celebrate 1,000 Days Without a Budget in the Senate With a Speech to Congress

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Obama to Celebrate 1,000 Days Without a Budget in the Senate With a Speech to Congress

Harry Reid must have lots of things to do more important than fulfilling his annual duty to pass a budget because as of today it's been 1,000 days since the Democrat-led Senate passed a budget bill.  In his honor Obama will give a speech to Congress tonight.  Some will call it the State of the Union message, but it's really the State of Disaster message:
Democrats achieve Cal Ripkin like feat on budget -- Republican and Democratic congressmen are rarely accused of being consistent. But Senate Democrats deserve to be singled out for special praise in this respect: 1,000 days since Democrats in Congress passed a budget! TheDC’s Alexis Levinson reports:

  “Tuesday, the day that President Barack Obama will deliver the State of the Union address, also marks the 1,000th day since Senate Democrats last proposed a budget plan. House and Senate Republicans will be making this point often over the next 36 hours, flipping on its head the oft-repeated remark by Obama and other Democrats that House Republicans are responsible for the current legislative gridlock.”

In fairness, it is asking a lot of our elected officials to simply do their job.
Personally, I'd rather Obama go golfing than sign a budget he likes, and I anticipate that he plans to do just that this year. Once again there will be a budget impasse which will require stop-gap legislation and there will almost certainly be a fight with all kinds of last minute threats of government shutdowns and the like. It will all be timed to make the GOP look bad and Obama look like the hero going into the election. Just watch.

It's already starting.  Obama has announced that he won't be submitting a budget proposal on the date required by law, but will delay it a week in direct violation.  The law has always been an inconvenience for Obama and he certainly doesn't feel bound to follow it.  Expect more of the same and worse if we make the mistake of giving him four more years.

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