HolyCoast: Once Again California Democrats Write Laws Based on Their Obsession With Their Crotches

Friday, January 13, 2012

Once Again California Democrats Write Laws Based on Their Obsession With Their Crotches

I've never been to a California State legislative session, but I'm guessing the Democrats take some time each day to sit in front of a mirror with their pants off admiring themselves.  Why else would so many of them propose laws that seem to be centered on their crotch?
Perhaps the current most controversial bill (although “controversial” assumes there are actually people who agree with this proposal), is AB 266, sponsored by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco). The bill notes in it’s preamble that existing law prohibits public schools from discriminating on the basis of specified characteristics, including gender, gender identity, and “gender expression”. It also notes that the law requires that participation in a particular physical education activity or sport, if required of pupils of one sex, be available to pupils of each sex.

This means that in California, if a young lady wants to try out for a high school football team, or a young lad, as improbable as it seems, wants to play field hockey, then he or she has the right to do so. OK, fair enough. The Constitution after all does require that every citizen be afforded equal protection under the law. What the Constitution does not do is mandate that boys who decide that they’re actually female, or girls who decide that they’re male, be afforded the opportunity to realize their gender transformation in a public school setting.

This Constitutional reality however is of no moment to Assemblyman Ammiano. His bill and proposed law, which is set for a hearing this week, would require that a pupil be permitted to participate in sex-segregated school programs, activities, and facilities, including athletic teams and competitions, consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil’s records.

Translation: If John, who “identifies” himself as Jane, wants to play on the girls JV volleyball team as a girl then he must be permitted to do so. In addition, the bill would also require opposite-sex access to “sex-segregated facilities” such as locker rooms and bathrooms. We all know that would present no potential problems…right? Wrong.

At a time in life where teenage sexual hi jinx are at a peek, this new law is just what schools need to cause even more chaos for teachers and administrators. Who after all decides whether a male child’s claim to actually being female is legitimate? Do lawmakers create a panel of taxpayer funded psychiatrists to evaluate each child, or are teachers just forced to take a students word for it when that student says “I’m not what I appear to be”? After all, letting young boys into the girls locker room is a recipe for costly lawsuits, and potential criminal charges, to say the least.
We have a Statehouse full of perverts.

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