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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Political Quote of the Day

This one stretches reality to the max:
"His schedule doesn't allow him to do very much fundraising." -- Obama campaign manager Jim Messina.
Fundraising pretty much is ALL Obama has done for months. He's doing three in Chicago right now.


Larry said...

I've noticed the Obama admin enjoys opposite-speak. Not just lying, but saying the complete opposite of reality.

'With my healthcare bill, if you like your healthcare provider, you can keep it.'

'I don't want to run auto companies.'

'My healthcare plan will reduce spending.'

'Temperatures are cold because of global warming.'

'I don't want to run banks.'

It's as if there are script writers behind the curtain just killing themselves with laughter when the White House delivers such lines with dead-pan seriousness, and the media just nods.

Either that, or they figure why be only 15 degrees from the truth when you can be 180 degrees from the truth and the watchdog media STILL won't care.

Nightingale said...

One state down, 46 more to go.