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Friday, January 27, 2012

Trans Pacific Model Boat Race

Yesterday afternoon I headed down to Capistrano Beach to watch some of the kids from the Capo-Laguna  ROP (Regional Occupational Program) 3D Model Building Class launch boats on what they hope will be a journey to Hawaii.  My wife works for the organization and I took some photos for her.

The two teams were the WikiWiki, a more traditional single hull sailboat...
and the NeNe, a trimaran.

When it came time to launch, the surf conditions were not exactly ideal.  The long keel on the WikiWiki combined with the steep drop-off at the shore made for some challenges.
You know what they say about the best laid plans - WikiWiki had a tough start dealing with the surf.
WikiWiki was pulled from the water for some repair work to the mast and sail, and the NeNe was launched.
NeNe had a little easier time dealing with the surf and before long was sailing out of view.
WikiWiki was relaunched and finally made it safely past the breakers.
Thanks to a grant from Rainbow Sandals the teams were able to mount GPS transmitters on the boats and their progress can be tracked via their Facebook page.  Although the NeNe pretty much disappeared from view while we were there, she apparently got homesick and later beached herself.  She was recovered and after some repairs will be relaunched.  The WikiWiki came within 200 feet of shore (according to the GPS) but headed back out and continues on course.  According to the latest report was 13 miles out to sea.  Thanks to the offshore winds expected today she should be able to continue out to sea.

It'll be fun to watch.

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