HolyCoast: Trump Can Be On the Ballot in Texas

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Trump Can Be On the Ballot in Texas

Is a third party bid on the way?
Donald Trump supporters have met an official ballot deadline in Texas, paving the way for the business mogul to become a third-party candidate there, a source close to Trump tells The Blaze. Trump himself acknowledged the filing in a statement.

According to an email sent by the source to The Blaze on Sunday night, Trump supporters filed paperwork on Friday to create the “Make America Great Again Party,” giving Trump the opportunity — should he take advantage of it — to be on the primary ballot.

Trump says he will run if the GOP nominates a candidate who can't beat Obama, but he hasn't specified who that might be. I still don't think he really wants to run - I just think he wants the publicity.

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