HolyCoast: Using the Pulpit For Politics (But of Course, if It's a Black Church It's Always Okay)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Using the Pulpit For Politics (But of Course, if It's a Black Church It's Always Okay)

Try this in any non-black church and see what happens:
Jarrett vs. IRS? -- Remember the part about the Obama administration shaming the memory of Martin Luther King Jr.? Yeah, about that... TheDC's Neil Munro reports:

"Valerie Jarrett's partisan speech at Atlanta's Ebenezer Baptist Church may have violated the IRS tax rules for churches' political activities, said a prominent free speech attorney. 'It is problematic under current regulations,' said Erik Stanley, a senior legal counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund, which is campaigning to roll back IRS curbs on believers' speech... On Sunday President Barack Obama's controversial aide, Valerie Jarrett, used the Ebenezer pulpit to tell the congregation that the jobs of teachers, police and firefighters 'are now in jeopardy because Congress — well, let me be specific — because [of] the Republicans in Congress.' Jarrett is a longtime aide to Obama, and worked with him in Chicago. She's deeply unpopular among White House staff, but remains influential with the president."

Well, who needs a president with good judgment anyway? Jarrett can rest assured that the rules don't apply to her, though. That's the great thing about being a Democrat.
As we all know, IRS prohibitions on advocating for political candidates and parties from non-profit organizations don't apply to black churches. In a black church candidates can give partisan speeches, raise money, and actively campaign, completely without legal repercussion. However, try that in any other church and the IRS and anti-religious groups will be on you like flies on crap.

Where's that Wisconsin group that was trying to get nativity scenes banned on public property? Wouldn't this be an ideal case for a group like that? But of course, they'll never touch it. They can take on Christian symbols but they wouldn't dare challenge a church that might get them called racists.

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