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Monday, January 02, 2012

A Woman Scorned

Michelle Marshall, who writes as "Taylor Marsh", is a Dem who has temporarily broken with Obama:
As a recovering partisan these days and after watching Pres. Obama’s compromising conservatism, I no longer feel the urgency to support a political party who has threatened dire consequences if I don’t vote for them. Beyond foreign policy, economic, and civil rights issues mentioned above, Pres. Obama has also chosen to short-change women again and again on our freedoms, starting in the health care bill, then by executive order that empowered conservatives of both parties, and finally by making the decision on Plan B that would have come from Mitt Romney, too.

Pres. Obama has helped Democrats deliver a climate that this party has threatened since the ’70s would happen if I didn’t vote for them…

For over 30 years, modern feminists like myself have been hearing that we must support Democrats, because if we don’t our freedoms will be on the line yet again. After supporting Democrats since my one vote for Ronald Reagan in 1980, what has finally happened through Pres. Obama is exactly what I was told this political party would guard against. So now, as the 2012 elections approach, Barack Obama and the Democratic Party are once again relying on the theory that because Republicans are worse women like me can be suckered into falling in line one more time.
I say her break with Obama is temporary because liberals pretty much always fall in line before the election. At some point she'll write about how bad the GOP nominee is and that even Obama is better than that, and she'll be back on the Hope and Change Express.

Read the rest of it. It's a good, tough piece, even if it probably doesn't represent a permanent change.

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